Music Monday!

Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking out loud” and Sam Smith’s “Not the only one”

I have been obsessed with “mash-ups” for as long as I can remember. So it is an understatement to say I am so excited that others have not only caught on but decided to share these with the world! This version is genius! It makes me forget all of my struggles and makes my heart smile! I have a hard time not tearing up while listening to it.

I wish I had the guts to set up a mic and do this myself. Some day I will.

On a side note, I emailed our real estate agent late last night to share another property with him. I asked if he could set up a tour of the home for us today. Let’s see if he is “too busy” this time. I know it’s short notice but isn’t that what he gets paid for? If we don’t see the house first, how can we put the first offer in? If this turns out like the last one I may have to find another agent. So, even though this house is not as spectacular as the last one was (in the photos), I’m crossing my fingers. Maybe it will be more amazing in person than in the pics. The last one was. As a matter of fact, the last home made me wonder why agents don’t find beginner photographers to take the pictures they post on these sites. Some of the photos are just horrible! It looks like someone just used an old cell phone. It would be so helpful if they spent a little more time on quality photos. I scroll right past the homes that don’t have pictures or as soon as I come across a blurry one. Why would you post a blurry picture of the house you want to sell?? Anyhow, fingers are crossed!

Much Love To All!


Music Monday

This week’s video is a youtube mashup that has gone viral. This couple is singing 2 different Taylor Swift songs at the same time. (Blank Space/Style)

I am not a huge Swift fan but I can certainly appreciate the talent in this video. mash-ups and medleys are my favorite. The ability to hear that kind of combo is not a talent that can be easily learned. Music is my bestie. Always has been and always will be.

I was riding in the car with my (adult) baby sister yesterday. She was flipping through my satellite radio and I noticed she kept stopping. I realized she stopped every time I started to sing along. I eventually told her not worry about stopping for me. I told her if she pauses for more than 2 seconds I would start singing along without even realizing it. Lol. I think she got her first real glance into my broad music taste in the car yesterday. I am proud to say we settled for Elvis radio and she loved it! Not a surprise, as Elvis is one my dad’s favorites! Now that I think about it Elvis will probably be one of my future Music Monday videos.

Hope you guys enjoy this video as much as I do!

Much Love To All!

Music Monday!

I must warn you all…I love P!NK very much! Ok, that is an understatement. She is talented, raw and honest. This is one of my favorites of hers. I guarantee I will post more of her in the future. This particular video was taken in 2010 at the Grammy’s. The song is called “Glitter in the Air”.

This is very similar to the performance she gives in concert. I saw an interview of her once where she was asked what she would have been if not an artist. Her answer was: A Gymnast! She said that’s what she loved more than anything, even more than singing. I am glad she went for music because she has helped me through some pretty tough times. Although, based on what I have seen of her in concert, she is a very talented gymnast as well!

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas. Mine was good. My daddy is getting a little better each day. My grandma’s viewing was last Saturday. It was very difficult. Not just because of the obvious but also because of the normal family drama that surrounds my family at all times. Some were mad because so-and-so didn’t stay very long, others were not happy with the time of her funeral and others just sat alone saying nothing at all. That’s what I should have done. But I couldn’t. I just had to sit by my baby sister. She is taking this loss very hard. I do not like seeing her cry. I think I may have been too “polite” to my crappy sis though because she had the nerve to call me later that evening with a question. Goodness I hope she doesn’t make that a habit. My emotions can’t take that right now. Then my uncle popped the oh so comfy “When are you having a baby?” question on me. Really? I’m already having an emotional day, do I have to feel those emotions too? I just shook my head no and said something like “Nah, not my cup of tea”. He knows better than that but maybe the dishonesty of my response was just enough of a hint for him to drop it because luckily, that’s what he did

I hadn’t seen most of the family in a while so they all commented on the weight I have lost. I certainly didn’t want to get into that so I did NOT share with them the freaking misery I am going through causing this weight loss. I am not getting healthy people I am sick! But whatever. I can’t lie, I am not upset about losing weight. I really needed to. It just falls into the “Everything in my life has to happen the HARD way” category. It wouldn’t bother me as much if my loved ones weren’t doing the same thing I am, at the same time but with NO obstacles. Show offs! Maybe Christmas has me in a funk right now. I mean, what can be more difficult for an infertile woman than a national holiday celebrating a VIRGIN giving birth??? Lol. Alright, that is all I am going to say about Christmas. I will not give my IF the power to ruin any more of my days and I have a lot to be thankful for.

Happy New Year everyone. I pray you all have dreams coming true in the very near future!

Much Love To All.

Music Monday

This is another artist I found during my many hours of you tube entertainment. He started out by doing a number of grand covers and now he has his own album of original songs. His youtube name is only1noah.  If you enjoy hearing covers I encourage you to look him up.

I find comfort in his tone. Just raspy enough to make a significant impact on the emotion of each song.

For the rest of the month I plan on picking Christmas music on Music Monday’s but eventually, I am confident you will see this guy on my blog again! He makes me want to get back into singing again. Maybe in our new house PC will let me “build” a studio.

I hope you enjoy today’s Music Monday pick. I also hope you all have a fantabulous week!

Much Love To All!

Steady My Heart

My cousin posted this video this morning. It struck me. I listened to it at least 3 times in a row. I felt like they were singing to me. I thought it was beautiful. Then I realized why I needed to hear that.

About an hour later, I learned my great niece was born this morning. I hadn’t heard the news yet because I unfriended my nephew and his gf months ago from facebook. His gf was a horrible source of daily reminders. Matter of fact she never just posted once a day, so it was more than just daily reminders from her. For those of you who are not familiar with that story here is the very short version: My nephew (now 21yrs old) and his girlfriend (not even 21 yrs old) already have a son. They announced their pregnancy in the middle of my IF journey and they fit the “Why do THEY deserve a child” category perfectly. Then they announced their second pregnancy before their son was a year old, at our family Easter party, which I later found out I was the only one who didn’t know about the pregnancy before the party. That was awkward to say the least.

Anyhow, the baby is precious. I feel different about this one. Maybe it was the absence of all those reminders I no longer get thanks to unfriending. I’m not sure. Hopefully it means I am coping better these days. That would be great news.

Then I think, maybe God is helping to steady my heart. But I don’t even want to think that way because there are so many questions that would follow that thought, for me anyways. Like, why would he take the time to steady my heart? Why wouldn’t he help me with my health instead and not have to steady my heart? Why doesn’t he give the couples that don’t even want children an IF journey? Why give anyone those struggles??? Well I am still working through those questions in my heart but for now I will choose to be grateful. Grateful for the peaceful feeling after this birth. Grateful for my blessing that don’t even involve IF. If I stop complaining about my health long enough, I have PLENTY of blessings to be thankful for. I really am blessed in so many ways.

So on a different note, I plan on organizing my blog. Usually I just start writing when my heart has something to say or I read something that I feel I need to share. I haven’t been able to notice if any of you blog on a schedule but I am considering it. If you use some sort of schedule, how has it helped you? I plan on making an effort to post as many positive blogs as I do negative. This is my only place to vent but if I don’t already have a positive post in mind to balance out my negative vent, I will refrain from blogging at all. You bring about what you think about! Maybe that plan will help to KEEP my heart steady!

Much Love To All!