I know, I know, It’s not Monday.

It’s amazing where music can take you! No matter how you are feeling, the right song, lyrics, melody or even just the right beat can emotionally teleport you to paradise!

I woke this morning not feeling well at all. I am cramping like a calf muscle in a marathon, I was experiencing a hot flash upon waking, my head hurt, PMS is here to stay…etc. I plopped down on the living room couch and did my morning facebook check. No worries, my facebook is no longer a threat to my mental health since I performed some “deep cleaning” on it a while back. The first thing I noticed was a new video had been posted on you tube from some one I follow.

My mood changed IMMEDIATELY!

This man’s name is James Corden. I believe he is a late show host but I have never watched one of the shows. I found him on you tube. He does something called “Carpool Karaoke”. It is priceless!

Sooo…I’m just gonna leave this here…

Much Love To All!


Music Monday

I know this song is everywhere and it probably getting totally over played on the radio but I just can’t get enough of it! This might be my favorite cover of this song so far! I wonder if I can get PC to sport that hat? I wouldn’t mind that at all…

I have this crazy fascination with the dancing elderly. How cute is that? I love to see that music remains in the soul even if your body can’t move like it used to. It reminds me that we are not that different from one another. Age, physical abilities, race, religion…none of that matters. Music can unite all of us. If only everyone saw it that way..

Much Love To All!

Music Monday

I’m taking a break from posting mash-ups. Not an easy task for me because I have a great selection of them. But….

Introducing… Boyce Avenue.

If you haven’t heard these guys, you must check them out. This is one of their originals. It’s called “On my way”.

This album is amazing! They started out doing covers on youtube. That is where my sister and I found them. Alejandro, the lead singer, did a cover of “Bleeding Love” by Leona Lewis. I was hooked after seeing that video. I have seen them live several times and also had the chance to meet all 3 of them. That was back in the day, when tickets to their concerts were like 20 bucks and they were performing in venues that only held 50 people or so. They are very nice guys as well as talented. I saw them on America’s Got Talent. Not as contestants but they were the musicians on stage for the contestants.

I will probably post more of their songs/covers at some point.

I have another doctor’s appt tomorrow so I will save my health update for later on this week.

Much Love To All!

Music Monday!

Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking out loud” and Sam Smith’s “Not the only one”

I have been obsessed with “mash-ups” for as long as I can remember. So it is an understatement to say I am so excited that others have not only caught on but decided to share these with the world! This version is genius! It makes me forget all of my struggles and makes my heart smile! I have a hard time not tearing up while listening to it.

I wish I had the guts to set up a mic and do this myself. Some day I will.

On a side note, I emailed our real estate agent late last night to share another property with him. I asked if he could set up a tour of the home for us today. Let’s see if he is “too busy” this time. I know it’s short notice but isn’t that what he gets paid for? If we don’t see the house first, how can we put the first offer in? If this turns out like the last one I may have to find another agent. So, even though this house is not as spectacular as the last one was (in the photos), I’m crossing my fingers. Maybe it will be more amazing in person than in the pics. The last one was. As a matter of fact, the last home made me wonder why agents don’t find beginner photographers to take the pictures they post on these sites. Some of the photos are just horrible! It looks like someone just used an old cell phone. It would be so helpful if they spent a little more time on quality photos. I scroll right past the homes that don’t have pictures or as soon as I come across a blurry one. Why would you post a blurry picture of the house you want to sell?? Anyhow, fingers are crossed!

Much Love To All!

Music Monday

So I realized that last week I posted the wrong video. Although it turned out to be a pretty good video itself, it was not the one I was trying to share. Here is the video I intended to post. It fits right in with my “mash-up” theme.

This is a great video showcasing some amazing talent! It is not easy to hear an instrumental and be able to sing several different songs with it, I know, I’ve tried. I’m spending a lot of time with the program I mentioned before. I think I am getting the hang of it now. There is still a whole lot for me to learn but I am almost finished with my first project. It still needs a ton of touch ups before i let anyone but PC hear it. Hopefully I will be able to share it soon.

Still no word from the doctor about her opinion of my test results. I guess i will give her a call in the morning.

Much Love To All!

Music Monday

I decided not to post another mash-up as I promised last week. I ran across this video while preparing for the mash-up and had to post it! I was thoroughly impressed with this video. I believe the description says he did this in one take. I’m so jealous! I was definitely inspired by this one! I hope you appreciate this as much as I did. After last week’s Music Monday post I started looking into software for mixing and editing. I did find a program and for the past week I have been giving it a try. I have a lot to learn about the program itself and about “mixing” altogether. I have a project started and I can’t wait to share it. I’m not interested in going pro with this but I haven’t had this much fum in a long time! I have an ear for it but I lack the technical abilities to make a project with a professional sound to it. The process is amazing! The first night I tried it out, I looked at the clock and realized I had been playing with it for about 6 hours!! Haha. I should have been sleeping!

And now for a mini update:

I have a busy day ahead of me but I’m ready for it. I think I am getting a little more nervous about my upcoming surgery to remove my gallbladder. I did learn a valuable lesson today though. If you are in a similar situation as I am in, trade in your bra for your bathing suit top! I tried this today and I am so glad I did. The underwire is so very uncomfortable when you feel like the organs under your ribs are about to burst. It’s not even comfy for PC to lay his arm around my side! Ugh! The bathing suit with was so freeing today! No underwire. I obviously did not get the same support as my bra gives me but I can deal with that until this is over. I am actually starting to wonder if the pressure from the underwire in my bra was causing me more problems than I realized. I lasted longer than usual running errands today and not once did I get dizzy or begin to panic. There has to be something to that. So I am running errands again today wearing my bathing suit top under my blouse. Fingers crossed, I have a good day!

Here’s hoping you all have a good day also. I welcome any comments regarding the gallbladder issue and I especially welcome any tips from someone with experience using music editing software. Help a girl out, would ya?

Much Love To All!