Hello all! My virtual name is Anastasia Beaverhausen. (If you recognize that name, you and I need to be friends. Lol.) Anyhow, my hubby – I will refer to him as PC in my blog – and I have been together since high school. We are now in our 30’s and are a very happily married couple with no children. Hence the blog title. DINK = Duel Income No Kids.  After several years of ttc (trying to conceive) I learned I have infertility issues – altho that is all we have learned.  :/  The culprit, so to speak, has not been definitively identified. I decided to begin blogging as a means of release. I will likely cover a wide variety of subjects/struggles ranging from the my health problems to my music favorites. It can’t all be about infertility. Although that diagnosis was devastating, I will NOT allow it to define me! I am so much more than “a woman without children”. I am a blunt, honest, sarcastic and opinionated kinda gal. My goals here do not include offending anyone but I probably will at some point. Even though I come off pretty strong sometimes I am VERY friendly and open minded, so if you ever have any questions or comments I welcome you to share.at adinklife@yahoo.com

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