Foggy Brain Blogging

I know one of my pms symptoms is a foggy brain. So I must assume that is what I am experiencing right now. If I do assume this, then posting is probably not a great idea. It feels like the equivalent to drunk dialing. But I will proceed anyways…So bare with me please.

I’m laying on the couch “enjoying” these crappy pms symptoms and noticing once again that my tummy is giving me trouble. The past week or so has been tummy trouble free with the exception of one very stressful evening. I am convinced the endo contributes to probably most of my tummy troubles. But I’m beginning to wonder if the endo is the only thing contributing to my symptoms.

Is it solely the endo or is my hormonal imbalance playing a part? The hormonal imbalance was mentioned years ago but that was when they thought I had PCOS. After moving on from that diagnosis, it hasn’t been mentioned much and only treated with several unsuccessful BCP treatments.

These thoughts provoke so many questions for me…

  • Is there any way for me to know for sure which one is mostly to blame for my tummy troubles, endo or hormones?
  • If the hormones are to blame then I’m worried the hysterectomy will only relieve me of some pain and none of the other symptoms. (my gyn is leaving my ovaries)
  • Although, without a uterus and cervix, my ovaries won’t do what they do now every month, right??
  • So if that’s the case, then I won’t experience all of these symptoms?
  • But they will still work for something (the ovaries that is) which is why we are leaving them. I am not ready for menopause and I’m scared of hormone therapy.

Again, I’m not changing my mind about the surgery. Not having a period every month, along with this excruciating pain, is worth it for me. I just want to be prepared for what I may still be facing after surgery and how I should handle it. If there is something the doc can do during surgery (or not do) that would be affect that “after surgery” experience for me, I want to know.

Some days, this whole thing makes perfect sense and then days like today, I find myself feeling confused and asking tons of questions. Maybe I should just schedule the surgery and get it over with. I’m still very nervous about having surgery again but just as I did with the gallbladder removal, I keep reminding myself of the tremendous benefits and relief I will have. If I focus on the good, maybe my nerves won’t be as bad.

If you made it this far, thanks for hangin’ in there with me. In a few days I’m sure my foggy brain will feel better and this will all make sense again.

Much Love To All

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