One layer of bricks at a time…

The house hunting nightmare is finally over!

We are all moved into our new home. And I absolutely love it!! My gut lead me to the best of the best real estate agents and she turned out to be a total rockstar!living

The house has almost everything we were looking for (we still have community mailboxes, blah) and then some.

I feel like a princess. I grew up very poor and not in the best of neighborhoods. PC and I are happy with less in life. We buy generic products. We don’t go clothes shopping, we buy an article of clothing at a time (or two)… We are pretty simple people I guess. We grew up with less so we are satisfied with less. Even if we won the lottery, I would still frequent the thrift stores and that is a fact!! So the past 2 weeks have been emotionally shocking to me. I have cried more than I thought I would. Every time the neighbors, even the ones we haven’t met yet, wave…Every time I hear that cute little ring tone my fancy washer and dryer play when the clothes are done….Every time I use my microwave and it doesn’t take twice as long as it should… I tear up. The gentlemen next door was using his leaf-blower yesterday as I was getting home from the store. He turned it off and met me at my front door to introduce himself. He welcomed us to the neighborhood and said if we ever need anything to let him know. He and his wife are an older mexican couple. After chatting for a bit, and while using both of his hands, we shook goodbye. I mention the fact that he shook my one hand with both of his because I grew up understanding that as sign of respect. I don’t know if it’s a southern thing, or a generation thing or what but it meant a lot to me. And as an Empath it was even more meaningful! I walked in my door and cried my way to the kitchen with my bags. He could have just waved, or even nodded his head because both of his hands were occupied but he didn’t. He went out of his way to meet his new neighbors! The neighbor on the other side did the same thing earlier this week when PC and I were heading out. When we returned home later that evening, this gentleman had brought our trash up for us. I think I was born in the wrong era!

It feels like a layer of bricks has been lifted off my shoulders.

I can breathe for a minute.

As for everything else…

  1. PC and I still haven’t discussed the Hysterectomy in depth. We tossed around the idea of waiting until after his birthday in a couple months, since he just took time off for the move. Other than that, he still doesn’t like talking about it and I don’t want to spoil our current moods by bringing it up.
  2. I am still having “bad days” thanks to my tummy but I am starting to wonder if it is related to my girl problems. I have come across several articles about women who had tummy troubles until their hysterectomy. They also had (as do I) a retroverted uterus. This plays a significant role in tummy trouble from what I have read. My troubles are worse during my period but I still have symptoms off and on for the rest of the month as well. I’m hoping surgery will help with these symptoms!!
  3. I get to see my niece next week. I still haven’t spoken to my sister but she is dropping my niece off at my mom’s for a week before school starts back up. I miss this child so much!! She won’t be spending the night but I will have her room ready for the visit anyways!
  4. I am hesitating to make an appointment for my dermatologist. I have a mole thingy (official terminology right there people) that itches but hurts if I scratch it, on my knee. I’m sure it is nothing but it does cause me stress. I haven’t seen my derm in years. Well, I kind of ignored all of my other health issues while dealing with IF and then I ignored the IF to deal with the more pressing gallbladder issue. Boy getting older sucks sometimes…

Have a great week everyone. As for me, I will be working on my next layer of bricks…Hysterectomy.

Hopefully once we get settled in here I will get back into a normal blogging schedule. I am at the point in my blogging life where I wonder how you all are doing when I don’t get on for a while.

Much Love To All!

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