I’m sure you have all heard the news. The supreme court ruled today in favor of same sex marriages in all states. NOTE: I am not here to begin a debate or to offend anyone on here. I do not wish to discuss whether same sex marriage should be legal or not. And I refuse to discuss the definition of “marriage” online. That being said…

I was excited to hear this news!!!!!! For many many reasons, I support same sex marriage. Not even an hour after the news hit, I received a text from a very close friend of mine. She basically said she is ready to marry her partner (whom I am close with as well) and she wanted to know if I would OFFICIATE THEIR WEDDING!!!!!love-wins

Cue happy tears now! I tried to text her back through the tears but I’m sure my auto-correct is responsible for most of my reply. I credit these girls for getting me back on the right track many years ago. I know I have mentioned them in a previous post or two.

We met through my ex-girlfriend. The three of them had been friends for years. Well things didn’t work out between my ex-girlfriend and I but I remained close friends with  “the girls”. They mean the world to me. They met me while I was at my rock bottom. They supported me and encouraged me along the way.  I got honesty from them. Kind but blunt honesty. I have always appreciated that. I have never met anyone as kind, giving and compassionate as these ladies! And PC loves them too!! I wasn’t worried about that, I knew he would.

The irony in our relationship is that they both have children form previous marriages. They were almost as devastated as PC and I were when getting our IF diagnosis. They wanted for us to be able to experience that. And when PC and I got remarried, we wanted the same for them. I felt guilty that I could marry, divorce and then re-marry this man – no questions asked. But this happy couple, whom I loved so much, could did not have the option to get married. I wanted that for them.

I am more than honored to officiate the wedding of my two friends. They are not getting married just because they can. They are not getting married to create controversy or to stir things up or to make a point. They have been together for the entire 10 years I have known them and I can’t remember how long they had been together before we met. Whether same sex marriage was ever legalized or not, these ladies would still be a couple. They would still live together, share a life together, create memories with each other and more.

It’s about love.

Love wins.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a wedding ceremony to put together!

Much Love To All!

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