Silly start to the weekend.

When people find out you are struggling with infertility they can ask the silliest dancequestions. Most of the time I can sympathize with them. Maybe we are the first infertile they have ever met. That’s possible. But then there are times when you just know you can’t make excuses for their absurd questions or “advice” that comes pouring out of their mouths so freely and confidently. I may have said this before but I think we should carry around a printout of “what not to say or do” and just hand them out as soon as the subject comes up. We can just keep a handful of them in our purses or pockets so we can be prepared. Maybe I will work on that here in the near future. But if you haven’t made your own printouts or if you forgot them at home…try this!

Answer them in interpretive dance. Or song! Yeah, I think I will start using song to respond to people. May as well have fun with it. My way of cutting the tension as soon as the subject comes up….and you know, some how, some way, it will!

Be prepared ladies and gents.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Much Love To All!

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