Gallbladder Update

Well on Monday, the day of surgery, I was a rock star!! Probably thanks to the rock star meds I was still on from the hospital. Tuesday…I was no rock star. Wednesday either. Today I am feeling slightly better and slightly more alert.

Things I can NOT do until I am healed….

  • cough
  • sneeze
  • yawn…yes, you wouldn’t believe how many abdominal muscles you can use when yawning!
  • LAUGH. I am the girl that laughs, or finds humor, at the most inappropriate times! This is an inappropriate time!!!  Something on TV was funny and I giggled. Giggle turned into laughter. And once I started laughing it was close to impossible for me to stop! So I simultaneously laughed, held my tummy, tried to breathe, cried alligator tears and screamed out for PC to “turn it off!!!!” (I didn’t think I had to worry about this because I was watching an old sad episode of Grey’s Anatomy!).  It was hilarious and tragic all at the same time!

I am still waiting to notice the full effects of having this gallbladder removed. So far, I can tell my digestion is different. Although, different is the only adjective I have at this point because I am still on a cautionary diet. I no longer feel pain  in my upper abdomen after eating. I haven’t suffered from acid reflux yet either. Once I begin eating more solid foods again, I am sure I will notice more benefits than I do now.

The one difference I was not expecting…MY SKIN!! Oh heaven’s, my face! It feels amazing! I know this sounds silly to most but the difference in my skin is undeniable! Before surgery I felt like applying lotion after my shower was not an option. My face was so dry, rough, bumpy, red and more. So lotion was my answer. I tried all kinds, no fragrance…etc. However, when I applied lotion to my face, it never soaked into my skin. It think it just sat on top and dried up, only to peel off later. Most of the time it actually burned when I applied the lotion and my face turned more red than it already was! I was considering a trip to my dermatologist soon. You know, after the gallbladder and IF stuff were taken care of. But I haven’t applied lotion to my face once since surgery!!! Not once! I haven’t felt the need. My face is soft, my skin is pink not red, and it doesn’t feel dry at all. Lotion is an option now!!! I will still use it of course, but it feels so good to know it is just an option….

Hopefully I will notice more benefits with time and healing but so far I am pleased.

And although this surgery was scary for me, I still feel like a rock star. I think I have handled it well.

Thank you all for your kind words and support along the way.

Much Love To All!

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