Health Update

My gallbladder removal surgery is scheduled for Monday March 23rd. I am nervous but I’m trying to keep my eye on the prize…feeling better! I have one more week with this heart monitor. I don’t mind it so much. Although, whoever claims these electrodes (and the adhesives) can be removed with “a little soap and warm water” is a big fat liar! Even in the shower, that part is painful. I will get the results from the cardio on the 17th. If all goes well with that, the surgery is a go. Here is a short list of my surgery pros and cons..


  •  Feeling better!!!!
  • hopefully less symptoms
  • after recovery I hope to be able to have a real meal rather than a lifetime of snacking
  • I hope my panic/anxiety episodes go away so I can start leaving my house on a regular basis again
  • I’m also hoping this tightness in my chest goes away and stays away
  • My hot flashes are likely to disappear also
  • I will have accomplished one of my 3 surgeries for the year
  • It will take my mind off this horrible house hunting journey
  • It will take my mind off my sis…lots of stressful things
  • PC is an amazing caregiver when I am sick 🙂


  • It’s surgery!
  • If the past is any indication, I will be that 1% of patients that suffer from complications (most likely the rarest ones)
  • I’m scared
  • It is scheduled for the day after our anniversary.
  • My “pro’s” list includes a lot of hoping. I am worried this surgery doesn’t help as much as my doctor thinks it will
  • Did I mention I’m scared?

I do feel bad about the surgery being so close to our anniversary. On the other hand, I won’t be the only one happy I’m feeling better…I’m sure PC is getting tired of taking care of me. Plus, I still hold a whole lot of bitterness about my sister (my enemy) getting married on my anniversary last year. So I will be grateful to have something to keep my mind off of that. Last year during their wedding, PC and I went on an amazing vacation. We drove out of state so we could be as far away from the drama as possible. This year I was sure we would have found a house by now and that would help keep my mind off it. Since that hasn’t happened yet, I guess all I have is this stupid surgery. Maybe after this surgery, I can get back to the fantabulous infertility mystery.

This is all about perspective. I will keep my faith. This surgery will be successful. I will experience relief from most of my current symptoms. I have nothing to worry about.

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