What would you accidentally make?


So True! I wish I could do either but since I can’t accidentally make a baby, couldn’t the universe grant us the ability to accidentally make something else instead. Like pizza… Or ice cream. Or something else yummy yet less fattening?!?

Or something not edible?


I mean, it sounds fair to me!

Sorry ladies, you can’t produce a human but as a consolation prize take this ability to produce super powers!!! Um, yes please.

Does it make up for what we are missing out on. Well of course not but I might be less depressed in my invisible mansion I accidentally made with my super powers!

Haha, the fantasy is real people. I am the kind of gal that would actually waste time imaging what I would do with the power to accidentally make something. The good thing about this fantasy is that it sounds like something I would have said/done 5 years ago before any of this IF stuff even existed in my silly world full of small children. I am hopeful that one day I will get the old me back. I know, I will never be exactly the same and I am ok with that. I would really like my spunk back though. The parts of me that still saw the good in things and didn’t sweat the small stuff. The girl that absolutely LOVED being around small children and maybe teaching them or their caregivers a little something. When I used to call or text people just for the hec of it to see what was new, not a long conversation – just a short “I’m thinking about ya” kinda thing. The gal who wreaked of sarcasm, smiles, jokes, silliness and passion. Boy I miss her…

So for now, I’m going to imagine what I would accidentally make if I had that ability….

What would you make accidentally? And no “enough money to pay for fertility treatments or adopt a houseful of kiddos” is not an acceptable answer. What would you make that has nothing to do with that thing we can’t make like everyone else????

Much Love To All!

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