Sunday Forecast


I love the Super Bowl more than Valentines Day! (Yes, I just said that)

Hell, I love football in general more than Valentines Day. I always have. There is probably some sort of psychological, daddy issues, mumbo jumbo explanation for it but I don’t care enough to figure that out. Watching football is a must in my house. I do not have a favorite team – anymore – so I usually just root for the underdog. (R.I.P Houston Oilers) I will not likely participate in the drunk part (with my current tummy troubles) but that’s the first thing I will be doing once this pesky gallbladder comes out!


Well actually it’s both this year. Ya know, this is my first cycle since stopping the BCPs in the beginning of December. The whole time I was on the pill my body acted like it couldn’t wait to torture me with a period, though it never did. Then when I stopped the pills it took over a month for one to show up. And you want to know the most depressing part about that? I actually allowed my worst enemy (HOPE) to creep back into my life for a short minute. I almost opened one of those damn  pee sticks I still have…just to be sure! But I didn’t because I have very much enjoyed my vacation from the inevitable depression that follows the “lack of a second line” experience. No, this little moment of weakness doesn’t mean we are TTC again. I do not want to get pregnant anymore but I would be a liar if I said I would be sad if it miraculously happened. Now that I think about it, I’m glad I didn’t get that stick out!

Either way, I’m going to turn my phone off, close my laptop and enjoy this last game with PC.

Much Love To All!

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