Put the glass down!

After reading an inspiring post by waiting for baby bird, (<—– a must read for sure!) I remembered I had the following story saved on my laptop. I used to read it several times a week but after a while I just forgot about it. I think it is worth reading again.


I am the queen of holding onto my glasses for as long as my body will allow and then complaining about the pain. Not fair. Of course, I am not fully aware of what I am doing while I’m doing it but in hindsight, it seems a tad ridiculous! Doesn’t it? I mean, I complain about the people in my life that cause their own problems or at least could have prevented the drama they are upset about. I used to say “You can’t really complain about your injury when you are the one who chose to touch the burner even though it was bright red and obviously hot!” I was like a broken record with that metaphor. And now I realize I have been doing the same thing in a way.

I know the longer I hold onto my glass the longer it will hurt. So do I have the right to complain about the pain? I guess if I knew exactly how to put each glass down, then the answer would be no. I am not sure I have figured out how to do that though. So how does one “put the glass down” without becoming the all too familiar angry, bitter soul who has shoved their feelings down for so long they finally crack? How do we move past the problem without retaining some of the emotions attached to it? Looks like I have more questions than answers here. So logically my next goal should be to find these answers. Maybe my therapist would be a good person to ask.

How amazing would life be if we could access our “glasses”, process them for a minute, then pour the water out and put them in the dishwasher? Sounds like paradise to me.

Food for thought. Suggestions always welcome.

Much Love To All!

3 responses to “Put the glass down!

  1. Wow! I loves that story! So insightful. But I think for me personally the answer would be to hand the glass over to Jesus. He says to cast our burdens on Him because we were never designed to carry such weight. But He can. And He will. Xoxoxo

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