And the verdict is in.

My GI office called today with my scan results. Everything looks good according to the abdominal ultrasound, except for the gallstones floating around my gallbladder. They are sending me the info for a general surgeon they recommend. I need to have my gallbladder removed.

I am nervous, scared, anxious, and ecstatic to finally have answers! So now what do I do? Is surgery my only option? Well my GI says it is but what about all of the natural methods out there in the virtual world PC and I have read about.

PC and I have considered doing a few cleanses. There is a cleanse for every organ it seems. The concern most people have about the gallbladder cleanse is if the gallstones are too big, they could get stuck in the bile duct which would be a serious complication. In addition to that concern, I have also read that many doctors don’t even believe it is possible for a gall stone to be eliminated naturally. They claim what people see in their stool during the cleanse is not actually gallstones but the discarded form of all the ingredients they ingested for the cleanse. Plus the process of the cleanse is not a pleasant one at all. In my case I would just be making all of my symptoms worse in order to hopefully get rid of them all together. This could take months if not years!

The only reason I would consider an alternative to gallbladder removal is my (possibly irrational) fear of the surgery failing to relieve my symptoms. The only explanation for that would be if my gallbladder is not the only culprit here. But I am no doctor so how can I know for sure? I guess that answer will come when I take my test/scan results to a general surgeon or even my PCP to get an explanation. If my PCP agrees that my results point to only the gallbladder, then I can stop worrying about that.

There might be one more reason for my hesitation. I’m stalling. If I’m being totally honest I have appreciated the break from my regularly scheduled va-jay-jay exams. This gallbladder stuff has taken over and my IF appointments have been benched. I ran out of BCPs last month and postponed my follow-up with my gyn. The last time I saw her she wanted me to take time to consider the laparoscopic and then a hysterectomy. Once my gallbladder is taken care of, I have to go back to deciding if I want my useless, empty uterus removed. Yay! <–insert sarcasm here

For someone so scared of surgery, I sure am facing a lot of it! I have never had surgery. Well that isn’t entirely true. I had surgery on my neck when I was 2 months old but that one doesn’t count.

I have decisions to make. If any of you have had trouble with gallstones and would like to share your experience please leave a comment. Any info would be helpful.

Much Love To All

2 responses to “And the verdict is in.

  1. It sure seems like you have a lot on your mind right! I do hope if you end up needing gallbladder surgery that it takes care of the problem. I have no experience with m gallbladder other then my belief that it must be working fine, so have no words of wisdom. Sending you love!

  2. Thank you so much. I find it interesting how much the gallbladder is related or even caused by female problems. The number of women getting a hysterectomy at the same time they have their gallbladder removed is astonishing! If I knew then what I know now…

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