Music Monday Mash-up

It’s a few minutes after midnight so technically, it’s Music Monday. Today I have decided to post 2 songs that I think sound very much alike. In fact, when I heard video #1 (released in 2014) on the radio for the first time, I instinctively started singing the chorus to video #2 (released in 2005).

Here is the newer song that caught my attention on the radio. It is called “Me and my broken heart” by Rixton.

If the chorus to that song doesn’t already sound familiar to you I can only assume you have never been much of a Rob Thomas (or Matchbox 20) fan. That’s ok, I don’t judge. Lol. Here is the song I started singing when it got to the chorus…

The second video is Rob Thomas (lead singer of the group Matchbox 20) singing his solo hit “Lonely No More”.

The verses have many differences that can be ignored but the chorus is too similar for me to go un-noticed. If you play the videos at the same time during the chorus it’s very obvious. The notes are similar as is the arrangement of the entire chorus. There are a few runs in each that are not identical. The first video by Rixton starts out with their chorus and in the second video with Rob Thomas his first chorus starts at approximately 0:42 seconds. Go ahead give it a try. Even if the two videos aren’t completely in sync, you can hear the similarities.

I am not attempting to bash or accuse the band Rixton. I have no evidence they had ever heard Rob Thomas’ song before. I just find these kinds of things very interesting. For me it is a major music inspiration. Like the video I posted week before last. Two songs that can be glued together into one magical piece of music. To be able to recognize the similarities and the differences, and hopefully, one day, be able to just sit down at my piano and play them. I joke around with PC often about the “Man Cave” he thinks he will have in our future home. I tell him he is crazy if he thinks I’m not using that space for a music studio. Well, I don’t know if I can stick to my guns on that one but I WILL have a music space. A spare bedroom, a shed in the back, hell, who needs a dining room table? It’s just the 2 of us… Hehe! Eventually I would love to have the equipment I need to put together my own medley’s and mash-ups. How fun would that be? I could play around with sounds, tones, rhythms, and bits and pieces of thousands of songs. With the proper equipment I could have put these 2 songs together in one video for you, making it easier to hear the similarities. Ok, I’m starting to ramble on here. If you know of a couple of songs that sound similar, leave me a comment and I will check it out. Music suggestions are always welcome!

Stay tuned for next week’s Music Monday Mash-up! I’m on a roll now…

Much Love To All!


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