Music Monday

Joan Osborne – Spider Web

This week’s video is a throw back for me. I remember listening to this cd over and over again. During this time period I was more interested in alternative music and heavy metal. Joan Osborne is most known for her song “One of us”.

The meaning of this song always struck me. I’m not even sure I had a theory back in the day about the meaning. It was interesting anyhow. I guess there are a couple of ways to interpret these lyrics.

“When you’re feelin’ lonely, when you’re hidin’ in your bed, Don’t forget your string of pearls. Don’t forget your spider webs.”

Maybe Joan is insinuating a spider web is anything that might be holding us back from our true potential. Or perhaps the spider web is the result of not reaching our potential. I would like to thing that Ray Charles would still have become the artist he did, with or without is sight. But honestly, did his lack of sight create the internal determination he needed to become an artist? I guess we will never know. I am glad he pursued music, either way.

I am up late (early I guess?) because I have to snack now before 7am. After that I must fast for my tests later today. First is the ultrasound of the abdomen and after that I have something called a HIDA test. All I know about that one is that it involves an IV for the contrast and can take around an hour and a half to complete. These are not IF tests. They are for my tummy troubles. Ps..if you know what the HIDA is, please keep it to yourself until after I go through it. The less I know before hand the less chance I will freak out and not show up. I can’t let that happen. I need answers!!! I will get the results sometime later this week, hopefully. I’m anticipating gallstones and possibly surgery to get that gallbladder out. I will try to post an update when I know more.

Much Love To All!

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