Music Monday!

I have always loved this song! The original version is Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major. I walked down the aisle to it when PC and I got married in 2003!

This is my favorite Christmas song ever!

PC and I bought the tickets to TSO back in September. Pre-sale in fact. We were so excited!

Fast forward to this weekend. I woke up Saturday (concert day) feeling horrible. My tummy was upset and I was fighting a panic attack with all my might. Plus, PC and I were arguing. Then my dad called to tell me my grandma passed away, my step mom’s mom. Well shit…

I had no idea what to do.

I wasn’t very surprised that something came up though. This is the story of my life. No good stuff without bad stuff at the same damn time, creating all sorts of struggle, anxiety and moral decisions to be made. It felt like a challenge. The universe was giving me every reason NOT to go to this concert. Where the hell was the universe when we bought the tickets??? No where! But the day of the concert…..BAM! Ugh.

I am not extremely close with my step mom’s family. Most of them don’t like me much. I’m too honest for their liking. Being around most of them would not have helped me grieve and I wouldn’t have brought much comfort to them either.

So we went to the concert as planned.

The show must go on.

It was incredible! I was miserable through most of it, unfortunately. My panic wasn’t going away and I made sure I knew where the nearest restroom was. I wanted to leave several times but I wanted to hear Carol of the bells even more. You know they save that one for last, of course. In the end I am so glad we went. Screw you panic! You were not going to stop me from FINALLY seeing this concert! I heard my 2 favorite songs live! I could feel the beat in my bones. It was beautiful. I cried several times. I think we found our new holiday tradition!!

Dear Gamma B: “HOW ‘BOUT THEM COWBOYS??” You were always their number one fan and today you had the best seats in the house. Mele Kalikimaka!! We love you and will miss you greatly!

Much Love To All!

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