Music Monday, a little early…

I have decided to start a scheduled post. Every Monday I will post a music video or maybe just some inspiring lyrics for what I will call “Music Monday”. This weekend will be a busy one for me due to my niece’s first birthday (my god-daughter) and visiting daddy in the hospital while he recovers from his stroke. I actually had a good day today. I got plenty of rest last night and despite a minor tummy ache, no vomiting or serious panic. So here is my first Music Monday video a little early.

This group has been one of my favorites for a long time now. The do all a capella songs and are very, very talented! You can find them on youtube under the name PTXofficial. They are called Pentatonix.

I hope I will be able to maintain my planned schedule in the future. Music is my muse. I have used music for healing my soul since I was a small child. I am told I could sing an entire song off the radio long before I could (or would) form a full sentence. My taste in music varies GREATLY! If I ever offend anyone with a song or lyrics I apologize in advance. You can’t always make a judgement based on the lyrics however, because I often fall in love with the background music, the piano or even just the beat. Sometimes, I can just feel the emotions the artist was feeling while singing.

So cheers to having a good day and a great weekend!

Much Love To All!

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