Readers Choice : The Spoon Theory

This is a must read for anyone who is suffering with a chronic illness or even if you know someone who is! I am reblogging this from Bloomin Uterus’ blog. Be sure to follow her and click the link explaining The Spoon Theory. Grab a box of tissues my HSP friends!

Bloomin' Uterus

spoon A photo I took years ago finally has a purpose.

Christine Miserandino came up with The Spoon Theory.  You can read her article, here. It is gut wrenching.The Spoon Theory was Christine’s way of explaining to her friend what life with Lupus is like. It’s a metaphor for our stamina and energy: any task you do during the day uses up one spoon.  You only have 12 spoons…so you must choose your tasks wisely, or else you run out of spoons…and steam.  For those of us with Endometriosis, the Spoon Theory still applies.  Any chronic illness, especially one that causes pain and fatigue, can use the spoon theory.  My Spoon Theory experience truly took shape this weekend…I not only blame my Endo, but my Lupron Depot (which has morphed me into a walking zombie!)
My beau and I had to go grocery shopping on Saturday and went to Costco

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