The road to answers

So far this weekend has been pretty nice. Based on PC’s schedule our weekends start Saturday evening and end Tuesday morning. We visited friends Saturday night, drove around looking at houses today and visited another one of PC’s friends this evening.

Tomorrow I have my internal ultrasound. I am kind of looking forward to it. I hope they finally find something that will lead us to the proper diagnosis. Last time I had this ultrasound they said everything looked good and they found no cysts. Which is why the PCOS diagnosis was so confusing to me. The problem was I had just about ALL of the other symptoms.So again, I pray somehow this time the ultrasound leads to answers. I will follow up with my gyn on Thursday to review the results. I imagine we will also be coming up with another treatment plan since the last one landed me in the comfort of the ER. Once you have experienced the fun that is severe dehydration your body seems to crave water. I have never been a fan of water. Since I got sick this last time, I have had one soda and maybe one full glass of tea. This is a miracle. I have refilled my filtered water pitcher at least twice a day for the past two weeks or so. I guess I can consider this new found craving for water the silver lining to my toxic reaction. I have started a health journal as my gyn requested. Every night I jot down how I felt through out the day, physically and emotionally. I try to record anything that could be considered a symptom. Of course, it is hard to decided what is a potential symptom and what isn’t. I mean, does a hormonal headache feel similar to a sinus headache? I am just going to do my best. I have noticed that since I have stopped taking a birth control pill my mood has been different. I do not feel as depressed these days.

As for the house hunting….Oh my word! It is a lot of fun at times and then a whole lot of frustrating at other times. We plan on staying in the house we purchase for quite sometime so the location is important to us. Every house I find that we both like is either just out of our price range or in a questionable neighborhood. This process requires patience which is not something I have an abundance of most the time. Overall it is still exciting. I am enjoy the times when PC and I are looking through the pictures and talking about our likes and dislikes. It is great quality time for us. I am very proud of my hubs. I hope he is as happy with the home we choose as I think I will be.

Well, I hope everyone has a fabulous week ahead. I will keep you all updated after my appointments. Here’s hoping I end up with some answers.

Much Love To ALl.

4 responses to “The road to answers

  1. Google Cushing’s syndrome or Cushing disease. I had a friend who was told she had pcos but she didn’t have the string of pearls most women have on their ovaries. She had all other symptoms though. After doing her own research and requesting some testing on the syndrome, she realized that is what she had. After a few months of meds she was pregnant. Not sure if this helps you but I thought I would share.

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