Now what?

I always have a million things swirling around my head. For the past two days it has been my career or lack thereof. I feel like there are many directions I can take my experience and limited education but I don’t know any of them. I have been out of work, voluntarily, for a few years now. I feel like it might be time to put that kind of structure back into my life. But where do I start?

I have no formal degree, just a handful of child related certificates and a few other non related credentials.

Four years of college is not an option for me for several reasons. I am not what you call book smart. If I am not interested in or even passionate about the subject, I won’t retain 80% of the material. Which leads to a low grade. I have no idea how I graduated high school. All of the continued education I have had in the past, it was ECE or infant related and naturally I aced that stuff.

My interests involve children ages 0 – 5 yrs or so, music, photography, helping people and teaching.

I have worked in childcare most of my life. I taught in every classroom available (nursery through after-school care) and also in the office as  assistant director. And NO, owning my own daycare is not a dream of mine. I have considered it though. I have also considered working as a licencing rep, the rep from the state that visits centers to be sure they are following the state’s minimum standards.

Another job I enjoyed VERY much was working in the children’s shelter. That was an amazing opportunity and in some ways, more rewarding than any other job I have ever had. The particular shelter I worked in is too far away for me to drive to every day and I have not heard great things about the one closest to me.

There is this certificate for Newborn Infant Care Specialist. It isn’t too expensive and the course isn’t long. I am just unsure of the job opportunities this particular certificate offers. When I google it, it looks as though this cert would only be useful in 1 or 2 companies in town. These companies offer doula/midwife services including overnight assistance, where someone holding this certificate would go to a new parents home and care for the infant during the night so the parents can sleep. They would also teach them how to get baby on a sleep schedule and more. Sounds interesting but the limited job opportunities with this education makes me worry about whether it is worth the money. The program also offers an instructor course which sounds even more interesting to me. I would learn everything I need to know to teach others (doulas/midwives/new parents) what they need to know about caring for an infant. Ugh…

I have always felt the need to work in the medical field. The only way I can see combining medical with children is to become a midwife. After doing my research, specifically the requirements of my state, it sounds like a GREAT career for me. There are only a few cons though. The cost of the schooling in a bit more than we are comfy with right now, especially since we would like to buy a house some time soon. And the length of the schooling is longer than I would like. That is just a personal preference that I could get over though. I am an impatient person and when I set my mind on a goal or get excited about something, I want to do it and see results now! The courses are online and are expected to take about 34 months to finish. Also, I would have to find somewhere local to do the clinicals, a minimum of 24 months worth and 1350 contact hours of clinical apprenticeship with one or more approved preceptors. It’s a lot of time and money to commit to. I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew.

I should probably call a local college and speak to one of the counselors there. Assuming their job is to genuinely help people figure out the right path for them (and not convince potential students to pick that college), it might be a great first step. Any suggestions are welcome as usual.

Much Love To All!

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