Have you done your good deed for the day?

Warning to all my HSP followers:   Sad stuff in this post!!! I’m sorry…

I usually don’t share stories like this due to my skepticism but this one I KNOW is valid.

There is a lovely lady I know who is having trouble paying for her late husband’s arrangements. He passed away last Sunday from cancer. They just found out a couple of months ago that he was sick. At this point she doesn’t plan on having a funeral service because of her lack of funds. She is focusing on raising enough money to get him cremated, then she will have a family gathering to celebrate his life.  Ps..this “lady” is my family.

Can you imagine not having a funeral for your spouse because you can’t afford it??? Maybe my HSP is in overdrive right now but that thought breaks my heart into pieces! I pray G#D gives her the strength she needs to get through this! This is where you all come in! I have provided a link below to a fundraiser page that was set up in her honor. Please take a second and check it out! Not only can you donate a few dollars but you can send her HUGS and PRAYERS as well! I know the prayers are much appreciated, she is a woman of faith and is relying on her hymns to get her through this. Thank you guys so much for your support! Please GENTLY  let me know if anyone is offended by this post! I am just trying to help. I do not wish to upset anyone.

Click here to help a family in need!

Much Love To All!

7 responses to “Have you done your good deed for the day?

  1. Maybe you should warn your fellow HSPs before we read this post! 🙂 I couldn’t even read the whole thing, because I knew how it’d affect me. I will read it later, when I am feeling less…feeling. Sadly, the help I can offer right now is just prayer for your family members.

    • Omg! You are right! I am so sorry about that. Offering prayer is never a sad thing. I thank you so much for that. As soon as I have time I will edit this post with a fair warning. Thanks for the tip! Xoxoxo

      • No problem! I was halfway joking. 🙂 Also, when I was reading it, I was already going into an HSP spiral that lasted most of the day…

        Have a wonderful weekend!

        • I’m sorry you were having a difficult day. I hope it ended on a good note. I’m still glad you mentioned it. I even mentioned how it was effecting my own hsp, you would think I would have put two and two together…lol. Thanks, You have a great weekend too!

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