Trans Siberian Orchestra, here I come!


Please, Please forgive me for bringing up Christmas in September! In my defense this post isn’t about the holiday specifically. It is about the floor seats PC bought me to the upcoming TSO concert, in December, which he claims is my early Christmas present. I chose this video because I walked down the aisle to this music (not this song but the background music – Canon in D) in 2003 when PC and I first married.

TSO comes to our town every year in December and every year we swear we are going to be there. Then every year, for the past 10 years or so, something comes up and we swear we will be there next year. Never happens. Till now!  He said he planned on surprising me with the tickets the night of the concert (or closer to the date anyways) but he knows I am a HSP and wanted to make sure the seats were comfortable for both of us.

This is where I believe I differ from most HSP’s. Loud noises do not bother me. Loud, sudden and unexplained noises, yeah I have a hard time with those. Music is the opposite. When I listen to a song I love, the louder the better!!  My sensitivity is heightened with music, well most music anyways, but in a pleasant way. It is hard to explain the pure joy I feel when listening to a piece of music I love. I can feel the music. I mean, I can feel the emotion from the piano, the drums, the artist… See, hard to explain. Anyhow, TSO brings me joy and I can not wait. In addition to loving their music, I am pleased that PC and I are making an effort to do some of the things on our “to do” list.

Material things usually don’t mean much to me, this concert is so much more than material. It signifies a small victory in the childless battle PC and I are fighting. It signifies our promise to each other to have a “to do” list and not a “bucket list” later on…why wait when you don’t have to? It means a lot for us and I will hold on to that for now and probably for a very long time. Happy Friday everyone!

Much Love To All!

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