One small victory at a time.

So here is another perspective post! I will get right down to the point here so you can decide if you want to read the rest of my mumbo jumbo this morning. Knowing and understanding HSP is helping me deal with my infertility!! Am I “over it” as was suggested by a ridiculous family member? Nah. But I am marking yesterday/last night down in the books as a small victory! And here’s why…

I spent time with family yesterday. My family is, well let’s use the word “unique” for the moment. Yes, my family is unique. As a matter of fact, I have wanted to write a book about my family for many years but I wouldn’t know where to start. (if any of you could help with this please let me know) Readers would be certain it was a fictional novel I’m sure of it! Anyhow, There were many moments yesterday I just wanted to break out in tears and start cursing at everyone in the room. Let’s just say there was an overwhelming amount of “daily reminders” those of us in the IF world dread so much. Well this post is not about listing all of the wrongs in my family. I will not spend my time complaining about them. I am just trying to paint a picture of my state of mind yesterday. The point is, I noticed a difference between how I reacted yesterday as opposed to any time in the recent past. For the very first time, I recognized the negative energy creeping into my body while sitting in my aunt’s house and I didn’t allow it to take over! I’m not 100% sure how it worked to be honest. The only changes I consciously made was, I focused on my breathing when I started feeling out of balance, redirected my self talk and I was wearing my black tourmaline around my neck.

The results were amazing. Now, let me be clear here. I did NOT notice these results right at that moment. Or at all yesterday. I felt like I was struggling all day to keep my composure. I am speaking retrospectively. (is that a word???)  I feel the difference this morning! I recognize how I feel this morning. I did not cry myself to sleep last night. I didn’t pour me a drink. I didn’t blare spotify all night until I felt some sort of emotional release. I had dinner with PC, made tea, took a shower then went to bed. I downloaded a white noise app (recommended for everyone!!!!) and fell asleep, to the relaxing sound of rain and thunder, soon after midnight. I haven’t fallen asleep before 5 am in so long.  I woke around 6 am in a great mood. I felt rested. Relaxed.

I finally paid attention to my mind, body and soul last night.

My question is..Can self talk really be this important? I know I haven’t elaborated on self talk yet but I feel like that was an important part of my efforts yesterday. It is also the part of being HSP that I have been skeptical about. I mean, all I have to do is change my negative self talk into positive self talk? I may dedicate another blog to this subject but any thought would be appreciated. Have a great day everyone.

Much Love To All.

6 responses to “One small victory at a time.

  1. First of all, black tourmaline is an excellent stone for you. I also find that it helps to visualize a bubble of white (or whatever colour you chose) positive energy around you. You can create that bubble through the breath – breath in the white light, breath out the negative. Sometimes, when I’m having a hard time with family, I put them in bubbles too. This helps me to feel extra protected from their energies. Other times, I set the intention of not picking anything up or having a positive experience before I see them. The challenges for me would be those spontaneous moments when you didn’t expect to see or talk to them. So, yes I’d say self talk is very important. Lately, when anyone is being nasty I try to convince myself that they need love as their negativity is a reflection of something they are not happy with.

    • While in the moment I completely forgot about the whole bubble thing. That is another thing I am skeptical about I think. How can just imagining this bubble be so helpful? I am not saying it doesn’t work at all. I am just saying maybe my skepticism is why it didn’t cross my mind when I needed it. I will definitely start using this idea. Can’t I create this bubble before I even leave the house? Or is it something I have to do multiple times during the day when I feel I need it? I am sorry for all of the questions. I am really trying to get a handle on this. Thank you for the comment!!

      • Whenever you want to. It helps to do it in the morning as you can set the intention for the entire day. I used to be skeptic too. But as more and more things started happening and I received validation that certain things were working, it doesn’t seem so crazy anymore.

        • That’s exactly where I am at right now. Things are proving to work so I am willing to try anything. I want HSP to be a gift not a curse. I am glad these things have helped you too. I will try to remember to make my bubble every morning.

          • I don’t remember every morning. Sometimes I do it driving to work. Just whenever it comes to mind. Don’t put pressure on yourself either. With time, it will all come naturally.

  2. I’m glad you had a more positive experience! I’m sure the breathing played a large part in helping you remain calm. I think I’ve been so focussed on “before and after care” that I haven’t even tried anything to calm down in the moment, itself.

    I definitely won’t go the route of stones or visualizations, but I do need to find something that works for me. Actually, one thing has worked twice: when I am all keyed up, explaining HSP to the person to whom I’m talking really helps me calm down. It doesn’t hurt that both people happened to have already heard of HSP.

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