Was that the right thing to do?

So I had somewhat of a meltdown tonight. I believe I did the right thing. I am always afraid I am overreacting. This has never been a concern in the past so I’m kind of confused about that part. Here is how my evening transpired…

PC and I went out for an early dinner/late lunch. It was great. We were having a great time. I even ran into a former co-worker. It was nice to catch up a little. We headed to the movie theatre after dinner. 22 Jump Street sounded like a great comedy to wrap the evening up with. We sat down with our soda and watched our favorite part…the previews. During said previews 3 small children entered our theatre. Alone. The oldest couldn’t have been over 11 or 12. The youngest looked about 5 or 6. Not long after the movie started their mother came in, dropped off some snacks and left! PC and I tried to enjoy the movie but this is an R rated film and these children were directly in front of me! I was so uncomfortable! It was hard not to lose my sh@t with every curse/slang word I heard (every 3 seconds or so). I waited as long as I could for someone to show up for these kids. Never happened!  Then Channing Tatum’s character jumped into a bed, hit his head and his partner said “AAAHHHHH, that’s C_M!! There’s already C_M on your bed!” I went looking for a manager and found one. She was so kind and I could tell my emotions were obvious to her. She explained that 17 year olds and up can watch a movie without an adult present. 6 year olds through 17 required an adult to be in the movie auditorium with them. The adult need not sit right next to the child but has to be in the same movie with them. 6 yr olds and under are not allowed in R rated movies even with an adult. Wait!! What????? A 6 yr old can watch an R rated movie with an adult?? We’ll come back to that. Anyhow I explained these children were not with an adult and obviously NOT 17 yrs old. She appeared concerned. I was relieved. I also explained I wasn’t upset with the theatre itself I just wanted to know what the rules were regarding age and if I should just come back another time. I apologized for causing problems. Again,  for whatever reason I am afraid of overreacting these days.

I watched the manager and 2 other employees head towards the theatre I was in. I headed for the restroom to collect myself. My hands were shaking, I was sweating… I stepped into a stall and cried. As quietly as I could. My heart was hurting and I couldn’t pretend it wasn’t. I sat on a bench outside the theatre PC was still sitting in. I watched as the manager walked out with the 3 children I told her about. I joined PC again but we ultimately decided to just leave. I had missed a lot of the movie anyways and I wasn’t sure I could enjoy the rest of it. Plus, the kind manager had already told me whether we stay or not, she was going to get us a few free tickets for future visits.

It turns out their mother dropped them off in 22 Jump Street and she went to watch Tammy. The youngest girl was exactly 6 years old! I didn’t get the age of the older boys but 9 and 12 is the oldest I would guess them to be. She used a freakin R rated movie as a babysitter!!!! If she just had to watch her movie and couldn’t find a babysitter (this is still wrong in my opinion) why didn’t she send them to one of the CHILDREN’S  MOVIES AVAILABLE. It is not right. I wanted to call the cops!

It’s just another reminder. A reminder of my health, my damaged body, damaged emotions and anger. I think I have my feelings in check and then something like this happens and it takes all my will power to contain my anger. Why  do people like that even get the opportunity to become parents. I don’t have a choice in the matter at all!. Yes I know this mother is not the worst parent in the world. I have seen the horrors of “the worst” parents in the world. Unfortunately that doesn’t make if feel any better. I wish it did. For all I know she is a great parent. I don’t know. I guess all I can do is pray for her. And for my sanity at this point. I hope you all had a great weekend. Thank you for letting me vent.

Much Love.

8 responses to “Was that the right thing to do?

  1. Wow, that is pretty shocking – not your response, but what she did. I find myself having strong reactions to things I see in public too and then asking myself what would I do? is it fair? I think in this case, you were completely justified and I don’t think you overreacted, you just reacted. Be gentle with yourself and have a good week 🙂

  2. I’m brand new to your page, so forgive my ignorance. I’m assuming you can’t have children? I’ll look into that a bit more later as I have a million things to do already and I’m not even awake.

    First and foremost, PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE, DO NOT STOP TRYING!!! I was told the same thing. I was put on fertility drugs, poked with countless hormones, it was horrible. I had given up. Then one day, out of no where, long after we had stopped trying, I knew something wasn’t right. I had driven a half hour to work and I didn’t remember how I got there. Long story short…I was pregnant. I was terrified that there would be something wrong with the baby. Since I was so infertile, was this a damaged egg? Well, I have a happy, healthy 11 year old boy now. I’ve been a single mom for those 11 years, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

    Did you over-react? Absolutely NOT!!!! That’s part of the problem today. Those allowed to be parents, abuse the privilege. They do stupid things like allow their young children to see inappropriate movies. Why should a 6 year old be exposed to such adult matters? Do you know how confusing this is to a child? They have no idea what they’re watching, but they pretend, just to fit in. It LITERALLY scars them for life.

    In my opinion? You UNDER-Reacted. I would have made a much bigger scene, making thee mother feel like the idiot she was for allowing this to happen. I bet you after I got done with her, it’d be a long time before she pulled a stunt like THAT again. If you can afford 3 tickets to the movies, you can certainly afford a babysitter for 2 hours.

    And people actually have to ask me why I don’t leave my house…. Because THIS is what I’m witness to every time I DO go out. It makes me sick!!

    Kudos to you for speaking up, when most people would sit there and complain about it, but do nothing. You did SOMETHING. YOU cared for these kids more than their own mother. That’s the message any outsider (and quite possibly the kids themselves) are seeing it.

    And again, don’t focus on being a mom… let it happen. Ryan August found a spot to grab onto, and held on with all his might. The very same will happen to you. Just tell yourself. I give up. For the next 365 days, I’m not going to try to get pregnant. I’m going to allow God to decide when that time shall come. In the meantime, imagine your belly getting swollen, what the nursery is going to look like, delivery day, who’s going to be there to support you. SEE yourself pregnant. Maybe I’ve got it all wrong, and I sound like an idiot, but again, I just came across your page today, so before I say any more, let me investigate. Have a great day. Know that you didn’t over react, and there is a plan in place for you. It just sucks not knowing the plan.


    • Yes, that is the case. I have Pcos and I fear other probs as well. My hubby and I have Left this “in G-d’s hands” since 2004. We recently decided we are perfectly fine with a childfree life. All that aside, my anger towards this situation turns into tears these days. The mom at the theatre made me so angry I cried as PC (my hubs) walked me out. Then I was angry that she ruined our night! These emotions are crazy. Thank you for your kind words and support! I appreciate your input!

      • Just don’t ever give up… promise me (and yourself) that. Don’t obsess, but don’t give up. And you have no idea what your subconscious is thinking about on a regular basis. That’s probably got you on an emotional roller-coaster in itself, hence the tears. It’s very understandable. If you need to vent/rant, there are many people here who are willing to listen, as well as offer positive advice. And we’re all just a click away. 🙂 Stay positive!!

        • This blog is my life line! Just knowing there are others out there who actually know how I’m feeling. Truly understand. It’s powerful! Thank you so much! I will never give up. I am trying to focus on this HSP and empath stuff because my gut is telling me it is important. Maybe it’s just the kind of “distraction” my subconscious needs right now. I need answers regardless of it’s affect on my IF. I am currently excited about this new adventure actually. Thank you for you support! Have a fantabulous weekend!

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