LegoLand – 0, Me – 1

I am happy to report that in less than 24 hours the website for the LegoLand Discovery Centers was updated. It now says right there on the home page that “Adults must be accompanied by a child”. The regional manager explained this policy was created to prevent adults from feeling “robbed” when leaving the center. The board felt there wasn’t ENOUGH material inside geared towards just adults for the guests to feel it fair to pay for a ticket. While I understand their concern for satisfaction, I still believe this is a matter of opinion and the decision to pay for a ticket and risk their satisfaction should be the guest’s not the business’. They could easily make it very clear right at the admissions desk (whether it be a sign or something else). Customers usually just want to be well informed. No one wants to feel deceived. Do I agree with this rule? Hell no! I may pursue this further at some point but for now I am grateful someone was willing to listen. My main concern was that their website offered all of the needed information to plan a trip EXCEPT this crazy policy. I am proud to have helped make a change, as little as it may seem to some.

Now that made me think deeper. Why was this so important to me? To get this policy on the webpage. I realized I am lacking purpose in my life. In a major way! Teaching was so rewarding for me. Without that, I think maybe I am somewhat lost. I know, I know, DUH, right? Of course I was aware I might drive myself crazy “without a job” but it’s not just having a job that I miss. I can get a job at any child care facility in my area. I’m not tooting my own horn here, it wouldn’t be because I am that good. It would be because the turnover rate for child care is so high, they are always in need of a warm body. Sad to say but most directors will hire almost anyone without a criminal record when in a pinch. I have seen it over and over again. I am now realizing the effects teaching was actually having on me. The confidence, purpose, pride, even the exercise!

So  here I sit trying to figure out what “my purpose” is. I love helping people. I love having a flexible schedule. I love children. I love music. I love a lot of things but how can I spend some time by combining a few? Well I don’t have an answer to that but I do have a few places to start. I am planning to start a peer led support group in my area through RESOLVE. I also want to get involved in the struggle to get insurance companies to cover infertility treatments. I am still researching this topic but it is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo upsetting to see what some insurance companies WILL cover! Makes me cry. It’s a fight worth fighting in my opinion! Anyhow, thank you all for your encouragement after my depressing experience with Legoland.

Much Love…

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