The power of a hobby.

Women in our position often get lots of advice. Not only the “how to get pregnant” suggestions but many ideas to help cope. To us most of them sound like crap-for lack of better word. I found myself rolling my eyes so often I was giving myself headaches. The one suggestion that stayed with me was the idea of a hobby. Well I was not happy to hear this suggestion so often. I thought, yeah right, a hobby is going to make this all better huh?? I will forget all about my problems if I find one?? Somehow my body will produce a human being if I start collecting something or take guitar lessons??? Still I kept thinking I could really use some sort of distraction so I caved and found me a hobby, something I never would have considered in a million years. It absolutely did not make everything better nor did it help me produce a human but I am still glad I have it. I can escape! All by myself, at home in my pj’s, music blaring for several hours at a time or even just for one hour, if I choose.





I make jewelry using pre-loved belt buckles and materials. My hobby was a combination of an accident and the need to be thrifty that year for Christmas. I left my last job in August 2011 not long before Christmas time so I decided to DIY most of my gift. After cleaning out my closet one night I came across a handful of belts, some of them had come with an outfit but had never been worn. I don’t wear belts. I started to feel bad throwing them out because the buckles were beautiful. One thought after another-“seems like a waste, the buckles are beautiful”, “I don’t need the belt at all tho”, “since I don’t wear belts, can I wear these buckles some other way?”, fast forward to the light bulb moment – I can make necklaces out of them!!! And my hobby/business was born. I made 2 as Christmas gifts and as a result of the amazing reactions of the recipients/friend’s/family, my business and hobby was born!


The kind of hobby that I believe can be the most effective is a new, exciting, not so much up your usual alley, will certainly require some learning/research, something you don’t even think you will be good at kinda hobby!! I have never been a jewelry maker. I have never been a “girly girl” for that matter. Jeans and a tee are my favorite outfit, I don’t own one pair of high heels and you have to be a special kinda crazy to bother me during football season! My jewelry interest is limited to pieces of jewelry from my nana (who owned an antique jewelry shop) and my engagement and wedding ring. But making jewelry, now that’s another ball game folks! In addition to the excitement of just making it, I am aware while stringing every bead, each piece is unique and absolutely one of a kind! I do not duplicate or manufacture. So far I don’t even order my buckles in bulk online, so each belt buckle is hand picked and unique from one another. Back in September of 2011 if you googled “belt buckle necklace” there were NO results!!! Today, there are many! I really thought I was on the verge of something big but everyone caught on faster than I could grow. Not the point-even tho I am no longer the only one doing this specific DIY project, I still enjoy the process. So ladies, I encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone! Try something new. The benefits are greater when you don’t break the bank for this hobby, don’t get your hopes up (like I did lol) and honestly give it your 100 percent. It doesn’t have to turn into a business (that’s where the hopes began floating up for me) but it’s like having a craving. If you have ever been a smoker or a drinker, you know what that kind of craving is like. You have a bad day at work and can’t wait to get outside for a cigarette. Or the week sucked so I’m going out tonight for a stiff drink. Somehow I have “trained” (that may not be the right word for what I’m trying to say here) myself to crave the satisfaction when I’m feeling down. The satisfaction of a finished product, possible profit and more along with the pride I feel when it turns out to actually be a pretty necklace. Instead of stepping outside for a smoke – which I quit doing for health/fertility reasons already – I go to my desk, turn the music on and start putting things together. The satisfaction I feel when I have that completed necklace in my hands creates a happiness (even if temporary) that I would not have otherwise had that day. Not a bad habit to have if I do say so myself. If you have a hobby that has been helpful, please feel free to share. You never know who might be searching for an idea and you just might one they need!!

Happy Friday all, MUCH LOVE!

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