Hey San Antonio, I did not get this memo!

These days I seem to look for the little things throughout my day that MIGHT give my heart some sort of smile. Anything will do. A winning scratch off lottery ticket, any Disney movie – little things that usually don’t mean too much. This morning I was very happy to witness a sudden and exciting miracle. (Well at least for my the city I live in.)  Now I didn’t feel the happy immediately. I actually went to sleep earlier last night than usual because I had some errands to run today. Suddenly I woke to a strange sound outside after about 2.5 hours. I have this best friend called Insomnia.I have been trying to break up with her for years. So when I am awaken from the little sleep I can sneak in when Insomnia isn’t paying attention, I am not happy. Pretty cranky in fact. Well I peek out the window after the frustration wears off a bit and this is what I see…


IMAG0216 IMAG0217 IMAG0218


This kind of weather may be a common occurrence for some of you but I live in San Antonio Texas. This is certainly not a common occurrence at all to say the least! Why does this white stuff falling from the sky make those of us who don’t see if often, so happy?? I mean really, we aren’t exactly prepared for this kind of weather down here in the south. It causes problems on the roadways, closed schools or delayed school until the temp rises enough, You would think we would not be excited about this, and I’m sure some aren’t, but I certainly am. As of last night our temps weren’t even expected to drop below freezing. So most of us were absolutely not expecting to wake up to this. Now, this VERY SUDDEN change in weather is pretty darn ironic for me. This is the reason…..

I JUST began reading a new book, “59 seconds” by Richard Wiseman. He focuses on this method of self-help called Quirkology. The chapter I ended on last night recommended starting a journal/diary. But not just any journal, not the usual “write down your feelings” or “give yourself an outlet to vent” kind of thing. It suggested writing positive things. This book is sort of an unconventional way of “thinking good thoughts”. The author  provides a schedule of 5 journal entries a week (one for each day) and for each one he spells out what your entry should be about. One of the days is supposed to be an entry of positive things that you want to happen that would make you happy. Again small things, large things, whatever comes to mind at the time of your writing. As I was reading the purpose of each day, I couldn’t help but notice I was struggling to think about examples of each in my life. Except for the entry I just explained, the things you wish would happen. This peculiar white stuff was the first thing that came to my mind when reading that day’s entry!!! Then I wake up to this. It gave me hope! In fact, it made me cry. Now, I don’t believe “everything happens for a reason”. I have never believed that and maybe it is a result of my very challenging childhood. Don’t misunderstand me, I do my fair share of praying and I have seen MANY things in my life that I know, without a doubt, could only have been an act of GOD! I know HE protects us in HIS own way. I have to admit this SUDDEN weather change feels like a sign!!  Again, I know it might be a small kind of miracle for some, or not even considered a miracle for others, but I am not experiencing many of those these days so I will take it!!! For the past two years or so I keep telling myself, and many others, to just take life one day at a time. That is all we can do sometimes to “stay above water”.  Ladies, I urge you to seek things in your day that you might usually take for granted. The positive things seem to be a good way to make it through the day. If we begin to do this on a regular basis it might just do wonders for our moods. I will be blogging periodically about this book, I’m sure. I am hopeful the author is on to something here. The chapters I read last night are already making so much sense. So I will keep ya’ll posted as I see fit. And after I finish these books, I ordered 3 books from him, I will sum up my opinion of his views.

Much love to all!!!

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